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Getting help to access information on websites

When the Local Offer website was designed we tried to make is accessible for all users, whatever their ability or disability.

For people with visual impairments

We have taken into account how a screenreader interprets webpages and written the pages so they can be read easily.

We have designed the site so that the colours and fonts can be read easily.

To help navigate the website pages

The website has been designed to allow the user to navigate the site if they find a keyboard or mouse hard to use, for example by tabbing and using the arrow keys.

For people who find words difficult

We have followed style guidelines that keep the information on the Local Offer jargon free, using short sentences and paragraphs wherever possible.

We have added easy read pages for some of the key information, and we are increasing the number of these.

For advice on changing settings on websites, check out the BBC's accessibility pages (opens in a new window).