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Special Provision Capital Fund

DfE has allocated £215m fund to support local authorities to invest in provision for children and young people with SEN and disabilities aged 0-25 to improve the quality and range of provision available to the local authority.

Refer to DfE Guidance (opens in a new window) for what this can be spent on and allocations.

Derbyshire's share of this is £1,285,819, split over 3 years. Which means £427,606 each year.

To access this funding the Local Authorities have to publish a short plan on the Local Offer (published on this page) to show what they are planning on spending the money on. Timeline as follows:


By Wednesday 14 March 2018

Local authorities must publish the short plan on their local offer page

Summer 2018

Local authorities that have published the plan and consulted with parents, carers and young people will receive the first tranche of funding

March 2019

Local authorities should update and republish their plan to show what they have spent on so far

Summer 2019

Local authorities will receive the second tranche of funding

March 2020

Local authorities should update and republish their plan again

Summer 2020

Local authorities will receive the third tranche of funding

March 2021

Local authorities should update and republish their plan a final time, to show how all money was eventually spent


Local Authorities need to consult on how to spend this funding and publish on the Local Offer a summary of the consultations that have been held.

Derbyshire has a short and long term proposal for this funding:

Long term proposal:

The spend in years 2 and 3 will flow from the High Needs Sufficiency Review which will include a wide consultation and formulation of a refreshed SEND Strategic Plan.

Short term proposal:

The High Needs Sufficiency Review will not report in time for the first allocation of funding and so in order to ensure that we do not miss this opportunity we have had to make some interim recommendations and consult on them.

An area that has been identified from:

  • Feedback from Parents / Carers
  • Feedback from young people
  • Feedback widely from education, health and social care colleagues
  • Derbyshire's Self Evaluation Document
  • The Education Psychology review into use of Independent Provision
  • SEND Need Analysis
  • Tribunal analysis

Is that more provision is needed for those with Autism that are higher attaining.

Specific projects have been explored and consulted upon. Following these Derbyshire is planning to work with the Governors and Headteacher of Holbrook School for Autism to build on their existing educational offer for this group of young people and increase the size of the provision.

Please see the document on this page titled, 'Special Provision Capital Plan Derbyshire' for details of the proposed expenditure and the consultation that took place.

Further information will be added to this page as an update and to show the plans for years 2 and 3.