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Educational Psychology Service - Derbyshire County Council (Denby)

The Educational Psychology Service may work with children and young people aged 0-25. They provide help and support to the families of the children they are involved with, though their main role is within the educational system.

Every school has an Educational Psychologist (EP) linked to the school. They provide the school with a Support and Planning meeting once a year. In this meeting the work that the Educational Psychologist will do is agreed with a member of staff from the school usually, the Headteacher or SENCO.

Educational Psychologists support schools in meeting the needs of children with severe and complex problems. Sometimes this is through professional consultations, sometimes using detailed assessments or observations and sometimes through direct interventions. Educational Psychologists also offer training to school staff on a wide range of topics.

EPs also work with pre-school children. In these cases, the EP will meet with children and families and offer support to the child's setting if appropriate. EPs also work with other Services across the Local Authority.

There are teams of Educational Psychologists working across Derbyshire based in Chesterfield, Buxton and Denby. The Principal and Deputy Principal Educational Psychologists are based in County Hall. EPs aim to help children enjoy their time in school, participate in all aspects of the school life and make the best progress possible. They do this by trying to understand any issues or problems that a child may have and help remove the barriers that might interfere with these processes.

Educational Psychologists provide some 'core' work to schools - funded by the Local Authority - for children or young people who are currently experiencing the most severe and complex difficulties. In addition, schools can purchase training, direct interventions with pupils, assessment or consultation at SEN Support level, or other support for the school.

Address details Derbyshire County Council Prospect Road Denby Derbyshire DE5 8RE
Telephone 01629 533815 Website address

Age groups

Birth To 25 years

This provider is open during:
All Year

Eligibility information

EPS offer schools a Support and Planning (S and P) meeting each year. These are used to negotiate work in a school over the forthcoming half year.

We work with children with severe and complex needs and young people whose special educational needs put them at high risk of exclusion. This work is funded by the Local Authority. In addition school staff can also purchase training from the Educational Psychology Service as well as consultation, assessment and interventions for other children with special educational needs.

Pre-School children are brought to the attention of the Service by the Early Years Panel.

Additional Needs area of experience

The provider has indicated that they have experience and/or training in the following additional need. Please contact them for more information.

Autistic spectrum, Challenging behaviours, Hearing impairment, Language/communication needs, Learning Difficulties, Physical impairment, Visual impairment, Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder, Multi Sensory Impairment, Mental Health Needs, Complex Health Needs, Learning Disabilities,

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