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Early Years Special Educational Needs Panel

The Derbyshire Early Years Special Educational Needs Panel is a multi-agency group for determining access to the full range of placements and services for Derbyshire early years children with more severe and complex special educational needs. The Early Years SEN Panel frequently functions as a virtual panel but does meet to consider Early years SEN Inclusion Fund applications.

It aims to:

  • support the early identification of SEN and disabilities
  • ensure that children's needs are identified and assessed quickly, and matched by appropriate provision
  • monitor children's progress at regular intervals to ensure that provision continues to be appropriate to the child's identified needs
  • coordinate provision through the development of close partnerships between parents, us, health and the private and voluntary sector
  • inclusion in mainstream early years settings wherever possible, and in line with parental wishes

The Early Years Panel consists of representatives from the following agencies:

  • Early Years Special Educational Needs Service
  • Derbyshire Portage Service
  • Physical Impairment Team
  • Visual Impairment Team
  • Hearing Impaired Team
  • Educational Psychology Service (EPS)
  • Nursery School Representative

Early Years Panel decisions may include referrals to:

  • Early Years SEN Service
  • Derbyshire Portage Service
  • Physical Impairment Team
  • Hearing Impairment Team
  • Educational Psychology Service
  • Infant Mental Health Project

Applications for assessment places in specialist nurseries

Applications for early intervention support for children in receipt of nursery entitlement is through the Early Years SEN Inclusion Fund.

If the information submitted to the panel by the referrer is insufficient, it is not always possible to make a decision immediately. Where necessary, additional information is sought from the referrer and, if parental consent has been obtained, from other agencies.


Co-ordinator of the Early Years Panel - Karen Waring, head of service, EYSEN service, email:

Education SEN admin, email: or tel: 01629 536532 or 01629 536782.

For queries about the Early Years Panel, email: