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Choosing a School if your child has a special educational need or disability

Parents of children with special educational needs have the same right as other parents to express a preference for the school they want their child to attend, whether or not they have an Education Health and Care plan (EHC plan). Parents' wishes will be met wherever possible, providing that places are available at their preferred school, the school can meet their child's needs and it is in the child's best interest.
When considering a preferred choice of school within an EHC plan, the Code of Practice for Special Educational Needs sets out the following guidelines:
"Efficient education means providing for each child or young person a suitable, appropriate education in terms of their age, ability, aptitude and any special educational needs they may have. Where a local authority is considering the appropriateness of an individual institution, 'others' is intended to mean the children and young people with whom the child or young person with an EHC plan will directly come into contact on a regular day-to-day basis."
It is important to be clear about what schools, colleges and other institutions you can request and these can be found in the relevant sections of the Special Educational Need Code of Practice.

If you live close to another local authority area, you can express a preference for a school outside Derbyshire. For more information see our page on applying for a school place outside Derbyshire.