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Things to consider before expressing a preference of School

There are a number of issues you might want to think about when you are looking at a school for a child or young person with special educational needs and disabilities.

Before you express a preference for a school, you will want to think about:

  • Your child's needs: Do you fully understand the range and severity of your child's needs? Has your child had an assessment, or have you received advice from an education professional, such as an education psychologist?
  • Your aspirations for your child, and their ambitions when they grow up. How will your choice of school help them to achieve their long-term goals?
  • School transport: If your preferred school is not your local area school, how will your child get there and what will it cost? How will your child cope with the journey every day? See our Education section for more information about SEN transport 
  • Schools enable all pupils to achieve their potential, including those with special educational needs. How does the school achieve this? 
  • How does the school set targets and regularly review progress for children with special educational needs?
  • How does the school involve parents and carers in setting targets and reviewing progress? Is there regular home-school contact?
  • What extra resources would realistically be available to support your child?
  • Is the environment in the school appropriate for a child with sensory issues/sensory impairments?
  • Is the environment in the school appropriate for a child with physical needs, e.g. is there enough corridor space and space to store equipment?
  • How does the school support children with emotional or social needs?
  • What peer group would your child learn with?
  • What kind of extra-curricular activities and school trips could your child be involved in? 
You can search the education section for mainstream, enhanced resource and special schools in Derbyshire.