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Applying for a school place outside Derbyshire

If you live in Derbyshire you can request a place at a school outside Derbyshire. You should apply using the Derbyshire application form and we will send the form to the neighbouring council for consideration and liaise with them through the process. For more information about school admissions, application forms and deadlines, please view the apply for a school place page (opens in a new window).
The decision on whether your child can be offered a place will be taken by the council which runs the school or the governing body if it is a voluntary aided, academy or foundation school. You may want to check with the school's home council how places are allocated in that area.
This does not include independent schools.

Similarly, if you live outside Derbyshire, but want your child to attend a Derbyshire school, you should make the application through your home council who will liaise with us.

What if my child needs an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan?

If your child lives in Derbyshire and needs special educational provision, over and above the £6,000 which is available within the school's budget, it is usually Derbyshire's responsibility to organise an EHC needs assessment whether or not your child goes to school in Derbyshire. You should apply for an EHC needs assessment to Derbyshire County Council.
Similarly, if you live outside Derbyshire, you should apply for an EHC needs assessment through your home council who will liaise with us.

The final EHC plan will name the school your child will attend, taking into account your wishes. This could be a mainstream or special school in Derbyshire or elsewhere.

Different arrangements apply for children in care, who remain the responsibility of the council which placed them in care. If a child in care needs an EHC plan, the application should be made to the council which is responsible for them.

For more information and application forms see our education, health and care plans section.

You can find information about schools and special educational provision in neighbouring areas by visiting the relevant Local Offer websites: