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Transport for young people with special educational needs (16 to 25 years old)

We don't have to provide transport for sixth form learners by law, but there is the Derbyshire b_line card which will reduce bus fares for 14 to 19-year-olds who are attending school or college.

A b_line (opens in a new window) application form is available at the school or college.

Assistance may also be provide on specialist transport provided by us for students with learning difficulties or disabilities attending college on a full-time but there is a charge for this to help towards the full cost.

You can find more information about post-16 transport (opens in a new window) in our transport policy statement.

Wheels to Work

If you can't cope with the college commute, are struggling to get to your job or can't afford a car, Wheels to Work can help.

The project offers an all-inclusive moped loan for a small weekly fee. It includes training, insurance, breakdown cover, safety equipment, servicing and maintenance for the six months you are on the scheme. There may also be an opportunity to buy the moped from the scheme at the end of your loan period.

Wheels to Work aims to help people access employment, training or education that would otherwise be inaccessible due to poor public transport connections or out-of-hour work patterns.

To be eligible for the Wheels to Work scheme you need:

  • to have at least a provisional driving licence
  • a proof of work, training or education or an offer of one of these
  • live in Derbyshire

For more information or to apply, please contact Wheels to Work (opens in a new window) email: or tel: 01629 592976.