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How can my child get an EHC plan?

If you, or the people who work with your child, think your child may have additional needs or require extra support beyond what a school or education setting can normally provide, you may wish to consider requesting an Education Health and Care Needs (EHC) Assessment. This will help to determine whether an EHC Plan is needed to make the provision for you and your child's special educational needs.

Schools and other education settings can formally request that the Local Authority carry out an EHC Needs Assessment. They will always discuss this with parents or carers before doing so to seek your agreement before making a request. Derbyshire will also consider referrals from other professionals (such as a doctor or social worker) but they must ensure that they do so with your written permission before the Local Authority can consider the request.

If you are a parent or a young person over the age of 16 you can request an EHC Needs Assessment yourself by writing or emailing the Local Authority at:

SEN Team
Derbyshire County Council
County Hall


A school or post-16 institution must complete an application form. These forms are found with the information relating to the process of applying for an EHC needs assessment.

The following criteria are considered when agreeing an EHC needs assessment:

  • the child or young person is experiencing significant and complex barriers to learning, participation and achievement which impedes progress
  • the child or young person is experiencing significant delay in their academic achievement and has not made expected progress despite appropriate and effective interventions and programmes
  • the child or young person experiences significant and complex barriers to learning, participation and achievement, for which normally available resources may not be sufficient
  • the child or young person requires education provision which must be made through an EHC plan.