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Get involved

We have developed the Local Offer with the help of local parents, carers, children and young people and providers of services.  We are committed to involving disabled children, young people and families to influence how our services are shaped and developed.

You can use our feedback form to let us know what you think of the information provided, or if there is something you think is missing.

Parent and Carer Forums

You can also get involved at local Parent and Carer Forums where you can meet other parents and discuss issues and influence decision making. There are five parent forums across the county which are an opportunity for parents to get together to share their experiences with other parents and influence the services they receive.

For more information about when and where the groups meet email: the forum co-ordinator or tel: 01629 533666. You can also find details of local forums and groups for carers and parents by searching the Local Offer.

Youth Council

Disabled young people (aged 11 to 19) are an integral part of Derbyshire Youth Council (opens in a new window) which links to Derbyshire's special schools.


Here's what children, young people and adults have to say about health and social care services, such as GPs and hospitals, whether it's something you like or something that you think can be improved. You can find your local Healthwatch, send your comments using the Health Watch Derbyshire (opens in a new window) website or search for Healthwatch in the Local Offer.


Getting involved with communities and working with children and young people with additional needs can be rewarding.  Many of the providers you will find on the Local Offer are looking for volunteers. Find out how to volunteer (opens in a new window).

Derbyshire County Council offers free training, called the Volunteer Passport.